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Despite being situated on a short lot and having a compact footprint far less than the maximum allowed by zoning, this ADU provides the sense of being greater than what should be possible. Currently occupied by a young first-time renter, the long-term plan is for it to be the homeowner’s primary residence when renting the larger dwelling.

Located in Longfellow, Minneapolis, the massing of the ≧ ADU aligns with the existing house, creating a private outdoor dining patio and preserving a landscape buffer and stormwater infiltration area. The massing is characterized by shifting aluminum and cedar-clad volumes, echoing the bump-outs in neighboring houses. These seemingly small additions dramatically enhance interior spaces. The pitched cedar-clad ceiling and clerestory windows amplify the sense of space and provide abundant daylight and privacy from surrounding residents.

Considering its future use as a permanent residence, the client selected robust systems and durable materials. The ≧ ADU uses daylighting and energy-efficient mechanical systems, and infrastructure has been provided for future solar panels and electric vehicle charging. The open plan allows for flexibility, while the custom clerestory windows and wood ceiling display a dedication to the neighborhood that is far more than a financial investment.

Photos by Round Three Photography

1,100 sf


Minneapolis, Minnesota

≧ ADU 

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