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Grayspace Architecture collaborated with The Sitting Room Interior Design to transform a 1970s-era office building interior into the new corporate headquarters for Award Staffing. The renovation started by removing several interior partitions and replacing the outdated acoustic drop ceiling with focused areas of wood-grained ceiling panels to reveal the concrete roof structure above and create a more open and spacious industrial loft-inspired interior.

The new open office layout was developed with employee well-being and productivity in mind. Modular furniture systems were strategically positioned near windows to optimize natural light, while discreet collaborative spaces catered to diverse work styles. These spaces include breakout areas that foster creativity and spontaneous interactions, a large common area designed for employees to gather and connect, and a smaller lounge area tailored for focused work or small group meetings.

One of the standout features of the project is the private roof patio, offering employees an outdoor retreat with multiple seating options, an outdoor gas fire pit, and a gas grill against a backdrop of panoramic views, offering a retreat for employees to unwind and find inspiration. The design seamlessly integrates Award Staffing's corporate branding and identity, creating a vibrant and enjoyable workspace that encourages having fun while working hard.

Photos by Round Three Photography

7,400 sf Office + 950 sf Roof Patio


Edina, Minnesota


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