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Skull Lake, Minnesota

Schematic Design

1,400 sf

Located just outside of Hallock, Minnesota near the US-Canadian Border, this project began as a seasonal Deer Hunting Cabin to replace the family's existing single-wide trailers. During early discussions, the scope of the project was explored and additional uses were imagined for year-round occupancy to take better advantage of the beautiful surrounding Tallgrass Aspen Parkland landscape which provides numerous opportunities to view sandhill cranes, elk, bear, aspen groves, fields of big bluestem, and small family farms. With nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries, Northwest Minnesota welcomes visitors with ease and simplicity -- camping and swimming in the summer, or cross-country skiing and ice-skating in the winter. Recently, local breweries and distilleries such as Revelation Ale Works and Far North Spirits have begun to populate the area, allowing visitors to sample world-class, locally-made craft beverages and stay up late to see the Northern Lights. To take advantage of these amenities, the project was re-envisioned not only as a hunting cabin but also as a vacation rental and artists’ retreat.

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